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Hot enough fer ya?

Hot enough fer ya? And to think school is fixing to start back. It’s gotta be hotter than a firecracker on those school busses, you reckon?

This time next month I’ll be in Uvalde, Texas with a bunch of old cops and good ole boys bird hunting in this heat. Went to this same ranch last year and had a large time indeed. Looking forward to the feed after one of the hunts. We go to another ranch below a mountain and feast on fine groceries that are fit for a king. I’ll take a couple jars of my chowchow and something else, just ain’t figered out yet what it’ll be.

What do you think of the landscaper in Houston that got raided by the police because he was growing Texas Hibiscus? The cops (task force) got a report from someone that he was growing marjuiawana. Texas Hibiscus looks like marijuiawana and that’s why he was raided and handcuffed.

From what I read, they didn’t even say sorry ‘bout that, but were simply doing their job.

After reading what I just wrote, the Mrs. told me back when she was in the energy audit business; one of her co workers came across a marijuiawana farm growing in an attic with special lighting.

I think I’d quit growing that Texas Hibiscus and try tomatoes or something you can eat.

Had news from my wine making friend in Georgia. Said his wife missed a step and fell. (She was sober and a retired school teacher.) Broke her leg in 4 places and got all skint up from falling that also resulted in her knocking out a tooth. Talk about a stroke of bad luck, she’s got screws and plates in place to hold the fragments in. Can you imagine what’ll happen when she goes through an airport body scanner? When I go through one of those things and it goes off, I tell them it must be the metal plate in my head. We are sending her a jar of get well jelly, to heck with a card.

Ever heard the term once in a Blue Moon? Did you notice the Blue Moon the last Saturday in July? It ain’t got nothing to do with color but is a term used from long ago when you have two full moons in the same month; the first one was July 2 and the next was July 31st. Just an interesting cosmic event. Mark your calendar for June 30, 2007 for the next Blue Moon, that’s 3 years away.

I missed it too and glad I didn’t know about it but I wondered where all the crazies came from. I ain’t superstitious but if it’s Friday 13th and a full moon, I make myself scarce.

Next Friday 13th is August 13th and just around the corner; oh Lordy.

There are no new sins. The old ones just got more publicity.