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METRO offers GO Cards at Aldine High Schools

METRO recently came to MacArthur High School to provide students with an easy way to get a METRO Go Card. During the students’ lunches, METRO took the students’ pictures and printed the cards on the spot. The cards give students up to age 18 60% off any ride on the METRO buses and rail lines. That makes a one way ride only 40 cents instead of $1 and a day pass just 80 cents rather than $2.

METRO will again offer Go Cards in the northeast area on Thursday October 13 at Aldine High School between 11:30am and 1:30pm. If students are unable to get the METRO Go cards at school, they can always buy one at the downtown ride store, 1900 Main Street near Pierce. The ride store is accessible by taking any bus that goes downtown and then transferring to the light rail.
While the Go Card is valid on any METRO Route, most students planned to ride the new route #59 that travels Aldine Mail Route between I-45 and Highway 59. “Eventhough it seems like a small route, there are a lot of connections to it,” explained METRO community liaison and AISD school board member Art Murillo. The route provides service two county libraries, nine AISD schools, the Aldine Health Center, Aldine YOUTH, the Social Security office, plus grocery stores and pharmacies.
Since route 59 began on June 1 it is more than half way toward its ridership goal. The new route has eight more months to reach its goal before the route is reconsidered. Murillo said that METRO ridership is typically low in the summer and expects ridership to increase. “Fall is generally the busiest period,” he said. Currently the route runs only on weekdays, but if ridership increases, weekend service will be considered.