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Posts published in May 2006

Local Athletes play in Bayou Bowl

BAYTOWN—Three local seniors will have the opportunity to impress potential college scouts one more time as they take the field June 10 in the annual Bayou Bowl.
The Bayou Bowl is an annual all-star football game between seniors of Texas and Louisiana.
Among those named to the Texas roster are Humble Quarterback Jerrod Johnson, Linebacker Alexander Johnson of MacArthur High School and Terrence Anderson of Aldine High School, who was named to the secondary.

This is the fourth year for the game, which will be held at Baytown’s Stallworth Stadium. The Bayou Bowl is an alternating series, with the first three played at Stallworth Stadium, the largest high school stadium in the Houston area. Next year the game moves to Louisiana.
The Bayou Bowl is culmination of a week of practices and special events. In addition to daily practices, each squad of 50 plays will get to have a practice and tour at Reliant Stadium and attend an Astros’ game. Visits are also planned to Schlitterbahn in Galveston and Shiner’s Hospital in Houston.
The game itself kicks off on June 10 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students and are available at the gate, select area businesses and from Houston-area high school football coaches.

Taking Politically Correct to the Extreme

Been picking blackberries this morning and got a nice mess of berries and briars. That will be the last of the berries for this year as the briar patch will be cut down next week to make ready for next year’s crop.
When the jam is made, there will be barters made with a Georgia Cracker for a jug or two of his blackberry wine. I’d venture to say his wine is as good as the Bordeaux wine that was in the news for being sold at over five thousand dollars a jug. Never had any of the fancy wine and cannot afford it anyhow.
Ever wonder what in the world the FBI is going to do with Jimmy Hoffa’s body if they ever find it? If that ain’t a waste of tax payer’s money, there ain’t a cow in Texas.
Got accused of not being politically correct with last week’s column. That’s what’s wrong with this country now, too many people pretending to be politically correct.
For instance, she does not nag you, she becomes verbally repetitive.
She is not a dumb blond – She is light-haired and reality impaired
She does not get drunk or tipsy – She gets chemically inconvenienced.
She is not a two bit hooker – She is a low cost provider.
Now that is enough for picking on the women, let’s politically correctly pick on the guys so they don’t cry discrimination.
He does not have a beer gut – He’s developed a liquid grain storage facility.
He is not a cradle robber – He prefers generational differential relationships.
He does not get falling down drunk – He becomes accidentally horizontal.
He is not afraid of commitment – He is relationship challenged.
He does not get lost all the time – He investigates alternative destinations.
He is not balding – He’s follicle regressive.
That is enough for this week’s piece, got to go get makings for crawfish etouffee. They says that like hay 2 fay.

More Rabid Bats found in Beltway 8 area

Harris County Health Department officials have announced several additional cases of rabid bats found in areas not far from the location where one Humble High School student died from exposure to a rabid bat.
A dead bat found in Humble tested positive for rabies. The bat was found in a Deer Crossing back yard. This is just a mile from where Humble High School student, Zach Jones contracted rabies from a bat just two weeks earlier. An area woman’s dog alerted her to the bat in her backyard. On Wednesday May 24, notices were placed on neighbor’s doors explaining the discovery.

Health department officials said that another bat, found May 21 in the Fall Creek subdivision on Horizon Falls, has also tested positive for Rabies.
This bat was found in the garage of a house lived in by a family with a 2 year old, and domestic animals. The father, Jeffrey Stubbs, submitted the dead bat to the health department for testing.
The child is now scheduled to receive a series of eight shots at Texas Children’s Hospital, to protect him from the disease, although there is no indication he actually touched the bat. The shots are being administered as a precaution. The family cats and a dog will also receive shots, as they could pass the disease to humans if infected, which is not known.
Another bat is being tested for rabies after it was seen acting strangely in a Clear Lake area park. A woman was walking her dog in a Bay Glen subdivision park when she saw a bat exhibiting strange behavior. The bat was on a bush near the sidewalk. The woman used a pinecone to scoop the bat into a container. She then took the bat home with her and called animal control. The bat was euthanized and will be tested.
Rabid bats are common, say health officials. The increase in reports is most likely due to heightened awareness.
This is the 13th case of rabid bats reported in Harris County so far this year, according to the department. Officials stressed that so far, they do not think this is an abnormal situation, but urged residents to exercise caution and look for other similar cases to report and avoid.
A veterinarian for the country, Dr. Paul Grunenwald, said that the department is watching the Humble area in particular.
Rabies in humans is a usually fatal disease, a virus that causes swelling of the brain, accompanied by headaches, nausea, vomiting, fever, and throat paralysis. Animal control urges residents to call them if they see a bat that is acting strangely. Do not personally handle the bat.