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Drainage problems cause Street Flooding

Residents along Bentley near Little York were not surprised this week when rains caused their street to flood. High water during even during moderate rains has been a common sight for years.
Drainage problems on the short road often keep residents from being able to drive home. Many have to park a block away and walk home until the water subsides.
This week the street flooded on both Monday and Wednesday, which was trash day and only added to the problem. When city busses passed down the street, the water wake from the busses knocked down trash cans waiting at the curb. The floating garbage then blocked the storm drains, keeping the water levels high.

The residents on Bentley are in a difficult location because Bentley at Little York is at the end of the City of Houston’s limits, while the rest of Bentley is the responsiblity of Harris County.
Several months ago, the Northeast News reported on dangerous potholes on the same stretch of Bentley. Shortly after our story, the street was resurfaced with asphalt, but the drainage issues were not addressed.
The city is discussing a way to work with the county to improve the street’s drainage.