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200 Evacuated after Chemical Leaks from Nailor Industries on Winfield Rd

A chemical spill near Aldine Mail Route last Wednesday afternoon caused the evacuation of 200 employees from Nailor Industries. State troopers and Harris County Sheriff’s deputies closed several streets around businesses.

The problem was caused by an employee unloading a supply truck. A forklift was being used to move pallets laden with 55 gallon drums. The forklift operator accidently punctured one of the drums and 40 gallons of hydrobromic acid spilled onto the warehouse floor.

Two employees suffered burns and 40 others were taken to area hospitals with respiratory problems. Some workers had to be sprayed down and put on jumpsuits. The other 200 employees who were evacuated waited on METRO busses brought to the site to provide a cool resting place during the clean up.

Nailor Industries is a heating, air conditioning, and plumbing contractor. They manufacture hardware for environmental regulators, blowers and fans.
Harris County HazMat controlled the release of the chemical and contained the spill. Investigators believe the spill did not affect areas outside of Nailor.