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First District Game: 17-14 Aldine Victory over MacArthur in Final Seconds

Lightning struck twice Friday night, once on the horizon to delay the start of the MacArthur/Aldine game, and once in the final seconds when the Mustangs kicked a 25 yard field goal and broke the 4th quarter tie, with a 17-14 victory.
Although the inclement weather, including some rain and lightning, kept fan attendance lower than normal, those who were there saw a well-played, well-coached game. It included some exciting moments, such as a 77 yard run by MacArthur’s Isaak Lewis in the 2nd quarter for a touchdown that put them ahead 14-6 at the end of the first half.
Scoring started in the first quarter, with a 3 yard run by Daron Thomas, the tall Aldine QB who carries himself somewhat like Vince Young of Texas. Although MacArthur scored twice in the second quarter, it seemed like the Mustangs set the momentum of the game. They were able to complete 9 passes for 66 yards, as well as their running game.

In the second quarter, the Generals scored on a 21 yard run by Connor, as well as Lewis’ run.
The third quarter was scoreless by both teams, but they executed well and kept the opponent on edge. In the 4th quarter, Aldine scored at 7:19 left in the game on a Wiley 5 yard run, and then got the ball back after MacArthur failed to move it for first downs. Then they kept up the pressure, with a combination of end runs and pass plays, and got close enough, with only a few seconds left on the clock, to seal the game with the field goal and win 17-14.
Aldine’s Thomas rushed for 124 yards, and MacArthur’s Connor for 98 yards. Aldine’s Thomas passed for 66 yards on 9 completions. MacArthur’s Washington passed for 20 yards on 2 completions.