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North Houston Residents support noise ordinance

State Representative Kevin Bailey joined North Houston community leaders in support of legislation by Rep. Betty Brown, of Kaufman County, to give counties regulatory authority to control amplified music in unincorporated areas. The legislation is co-authored by Representatives Brown and Bailey.
“The peace in some residential communities in my district is beingdisturbed by amplified music sometimes it comes from businesses over a mile away; in other cases it’s a neighbor having a very loud late night party that’s keeping everyone in the area awake,” said Rep. Bailey. “Law enforcement officers are telling us that current law does not give them sufficient enforcement authority to deal with this growing problem.”

Unincorporated areas of the county are home to many businesses and industries that are opposed to any type of restrictions on noise. Rep. Bailey and Rep. Brown joined forces this legislative session to find language that would satisfy the needs of residential communities without negatively impacting the businesses. In prior sessions the County Affairs Committee has refused to allow any legislation out of committee that business organizations opposed.
Teri Koerth, Executive Director of the Airline Improvement District, told the committee, “One of the most common complaints that I receive is regarding loud noise. I have received so many calls regarding this particular issue that we have a dedicated page on our website advising residents of what to do if they constantly face this issue.” Koerth continued, “However, the only recourse for residents is to call the Sheriff’s department for relief. When the Sheriff’s department arrives to address the situation, their hands are virtually tied as they have no state regulation that specifically governs the enforcement of noise and sound levels. It is my understanding based on conversations with the Sheriff’s Department, that the only way they can address this situation is through a penal code that governs disorderly conduct which is vague and difficult to enforce.”
Local residents traveling to Austin to testify in support of the legislation co-authored by Rep. Bailey before the County Affairs Committee include Reyes Garcia, President High Meadows North Civic Club; Rose Hamlin, President Northline Terrace Civic Club; and Teri Koerth, Executive Director of the Airline Improvement District.