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North Forest encouraged by preliminary TAKS scores

HOUSTON—North Forest ISD officials are excited by preliminary scores from the March 2008 administration of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) tests that indicate all of the district’s elementary and middle school campuses are set to meet or exceed the state’s standards in the reading and math portions of the tests.
“Every elementary and middle school met the state standard in math and reading, and we have shown tremendous gains in both areas,” says NFISD Director of Secondary Education Dr. Veronica Sharp, adding that the percentage of students with commended performance on the tests—meaning they answered at least 90 percent of the questions correctly—also rose.
Officials also say the students’ performance is especially inspiring at a time when North Forest is managing a number of challenges.

“Even as North Forest’s board, administration and staff are squarely facing the challenges before the district, our students are determined to meet their goals and to achieve great things as they pursue their education,” says Interim Superintendent of Schools Williams Jones. “This news is not only a testament to their resolve and tenacity, but it speaks to the dedication of district staff to our students.”
In early March, students in third, fifth and eighth grades took TAKS reading exams, and fifth graders and eighth graders took the math tests.
The students must pass these tests to be promoted to the next grade level. State standards require 70 percent of students to pass the reading test and 50 percent to pass the math test.
The district’s total pass rate on the reading tests is more than 76 percent, according to preliminary scores. Out of the 1,616 students who took the reading tests, 1,238 passed. In math, 70 percent of the district’s fifth and eighth grade students passed.
Sharp also reminds that there are two more administrations of the math and reading tests—a chance for students who did not meet the standard to retake the test. Campuses have been providing those students with additional assistance, she says.“We have a chance to get more students to pass and we should see more success,” she says.
The required state standard in math is 50 percent and 70 percent in reading.