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Mayor White tells Chamber of City strategies for future

Chamber members heard a full program of speakers last Thursday, at the monthly luncheon of the North Houston Greenspoint Chamber.

The featured speaker was Houston Mayor Bill White, who explained that “listening to the customer is a good way to run an organization” whether it is a business or a city.

He elaborated on this theme, talking about the positive values that new businesses coming into the city find: diversity, friendliness, affordability for living. He reviewed initiatives that the city is undertaking to help the quality of life in the city, including reduction of chemicals in the air, lowering of the tax rate every year he has been in office, the Safe Clear towing program on the highways, building of light rail, and the replacement and building of sewer and water lines to keep up with growth and aging infrastructure. To continue to stay ahead of infrastructure needs, he said we need to elect good stewards of our tax money; create a separate fund for renewing of drainage lines; and identify sources of revenue when politicians promise improvements.

In reviewing the status of Houston, he noted that during his term, $100 million in infrastructure projects had been completed, and that another $211 million projects have been started. He noted that the economy in Houston remains strong, in contrast to the rest of the country, with retail sales still growing at a rate of 7% annually. Many businesses are still adding jobs, he said, and Houston has a reputation for a work force that’s growing and hard working.

With more people wanting to live close to their work, a trend is developing for high rise living inside the core of the city.