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East Aldine holds annual meeting; reports on plans

East Aldine Management District has completed operation of their eighth year in existence, and the Board held a budget workshop and heard a report on progress in the 2008 year, last Friday night at a special session. The report, delivered by Executive Director David Hawes and Chairman Clyde Bailey, included plans for 2009 and beyond.

In their remarks, they pointed out that the district is sales tax based, not property tax like many of the other 26 management districts in Harris County. This revenue base has grown from $800,000 in the first year 2001, to $3,500,000 last year. This strong growth has allowed the district to proceed with their long range goals and improve ments in the district.

Highlights of the report included the following accomplishments:

Water and Sewer Infrastructure projects in 2008 include completion of the Tasfield Sewer project, start of the North Houston Heights water and sewer lines, application to the state water board for $600,000 in funding for an engineering grant.

Security and Public Safety includes expansion of the Contract Deputy program to 4 deputies and a Sgt., an abatement officer, and bike patrols on week-ends and holidays.

Neighborhood Clean-up included mosquito spraying for 9 months, mowing and litter pickup along major roads, removal of bandit signs, assisted county with hazardous waste collection at Jed’s Home Center, coordinated heavy trash pickup in all neighborhoods through the year.

In Economic Development activity, the district progressed on plans for water and sewer lines on the east side of US59, and added signage on the Hardy Toll Road for the district.

Community Grant Funding, or financial help to local organizations, was increased to $186,000 for the year.

In the plans for 2009, Hawes and Bailey outlined the following goals and programs:

Water and Sewer programs will include finishing North Houston Heights, start of Sherwood Place/Benton Place lines with a TWDB grant approval due in mid-March, start Inwood Place water lines, use bond sale proceeds for main water and sewer lines in Service Zone 11 (east side of US59), proceed with Westfield Estates Septic System Pilot Project as partner with HGAC.

Mobility projects will include new signage, bus stop enhancement, intersection redesign, all as projects with government entity partners.

Security and Public Safety programs will expand, with more bike patrols, especially in the parks, and involvement with the “Safe Routes to School” grant program.

Neighborhood Clean-up will expand to include special “hot-spot” work, and possible dumpster collection points.

Economic Development activities will get attention from the new ED director, Grethen Larson, with emphasis on an enhanced website, new marketing and PR, and expanded networking with realtors, businesses, apartments, and social service providers.

Community Development Funding is budgeted to increase to $250,000 for local programs.

In addition to Hawes and Bailey, other Board members include John Broussard, Reyes Garcia, William Townsend, Deborah Foster, Bob Beasley, Gerald Overturff, Ray Shotwell, and Maria Espinoza.