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Mattress Mack’s TEN RULES to beat the Recession

1. Get to work EARLIER.

2. REFOCUS on your Business – i.e. Customers, Customers,

3. Increase ADVERTISING. Remember that 95% of your potential customers are still working and buying.

4. INNOVATE or EVAPORATE. Be aware of the “Millenials” the generation just now graduating from High School.

4a. Try having a ritual in your business, such as a birthday cake every day, to keep spirits high with employees.

4b. Hire immigrants, they believe strongly in America.

5. Ask your sales force every day, questions we don’t want to hear. Example, what did we used to do, that was successful?

6. Be PROUD of what you sell. Be Evangelistic. I.E. TempurPedic will give you a great night’s sleep.

7. Be AGGRESSIVE. Open a new location, like Gallery Furniture did with their new Post Oak store.

8. Think YOUNGER every Day. Gallery is deeply using the Internet, with their own Media department, and using Twitter, FaceBook, etc.

9. Have a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE every day. Results will follow.

10. Write down (Every Day) 10 things we are grateful for.