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Students celebrate Earth Day with recycling projects

Last week, students at Keeble EC/PK received a hands-on lesson in ecology and recycling when the school celebrated Earth Day.

Telma Gonzalez’ classroom sent home a project for the family to do in celebration of Earth Day.

This project incorporated many PK Objectives: they had to write the year on their hats in decimal system grouping numbers the 2 – thousand in green, the 0 – hundreds in red, the 0 – tens in blue, the 9 – ones in green, then the most wonderful part of this project was that the children were given grocery store paper bags to take home and decorate with their families.

They had to decorate the bag exemplifying what Earth Day was all about. The bags were returned to school and on the date of Earth Day – April 22nd, these bags were returned to the grocery store so that the store will then give them to costumers with their groceries in them reminding them what EARTH DAY is all about.

This project does not stop here. Gonzalez also asked the children to bring plastic, glass, and newspaper print to learn about the things that contaminate the Earth and the things that are OK for the Earth as well as to teach the children about Recycle, Re-Use, & Reduce so that the Earth will be around for many more years!