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To store or not to store…

It is going to be a race as to what comes first, the first frost or the making of tomatoes in the garden. Finally got some blooms on the tomato plants and they will make if given enough time. If the tomatoes do make, they will eventually end up in some glass jars with my chowchow makings.

Me and the Mrs. celebrated our fortieth anniversary recently and drove her new car to Lake Rayburn where we stayed at a bed and breakfast. While up there, we looked and looked for a place on the water to consider purchasing. She has told me when she plans to retire and we hope move at that time. After we rode all over the place, she made the comment, “I don’t know if I want to live this far out from everything.” So what does that tell you?

Anyway, we looked at numerous places on the water and the thought of moving to the lake is getting about as much fan fare as us moving to the Smokey Mountains. That is not going to happen ‘cause I’ll not move anywhere it snows. Besides all those deer around the lake would be in my garden.

Have been assigned the task of cleaning out the garage so the new car can be parked inside. Not only is the garage full but one of the twins use it as his storage shed too, rent free mind you. Got two of everything from shovels, rakes to pump and sprayer. He has a welding machine in there, now that might be fun to play with but I don’t even know how to turn it on yet. Thinking about getting a rental storage place or having another shed built around back. Does that make sense to build a place to store junk?

If I could keep her out of the resale stores on the weekend there would not be as much junk accumulated. Got more shirts now than I ever had in my life. Probably get a couple more with Christmas coming around the corner. Those resale stores are the very reason she does not want to move to the lake. She has six stores she tries to checkout every other weekend, Sand Dollar, Bluebird, The Guild, Value Village, Houston Area Ministries and one more. Reckon I should be thankful she does more looking than buying.