Heavy Trash Pick-ups to resume East Aldine District, Pct. 2 partner to restore service

East Aldine residents have been without heavy trash pick-up service for about six months, when Harris County Pct. 2 took over much of the territory that was previously in Pct. 1.

Because Pct. 2 was new to this area, they did not have any money in their budget, and therefore had to suspend this important collection service.

The East Aldine District has been meeting with Pct. 2 to find a solution to this problem. Now an agreement has been reached, and in the near future the curbside pickup of heavy trash will resume, according to Richard Cantu of the District.

In partnership with Pct. 2, the District will provide about 20 neighborhood pick-ups, starting in March of next year. This will actually reach 30 of the 34 neighborhoods in the East Aldine District. Pct. 2 will provide manpower and equipment as their part of the deal, and East Aldine District will pay for landfill fees and promotional costs.

At their last board meeting, East Aldine District voted to pay approximately $135,000 for the landfill fees. This figure was an estimate, based on previous costs that Pct. 1 had incurred.

In an exclusive interview with the Northeast News, Pct. 2 commisioner Jack Morman thanked the district for their participation, and said he will look for additional funds in the future for the County to assume more of the costs.