Generation Park will spur growth in Northeast area

Rick Yarbrough McCord Development

New 4000 acre Enterprise Park on Beltway 8 East

In a presentation to the North Channel Chamber last week, McCord Development’s Land Development Director, Rick Yarbrough, described the fea tures of the new 4000 acre “Enterprise Park” that is being built on Beltway 8 East, near the current Summerwood neighborhood. McCord’s CEO Rick McCord, has spent the last 20 years assembling the land and planning this project.

The concept is to build a top level business park for top corporations that will feature energy efficiency, in the buildings, land development, and design amenities.

McCord and many other city planning officials believe that there is great potential for development in the Northeast sector of the county, and that this project could be the prototype for community planning and economic development.

The project will be a beautifully landscaped “mixed use” with offices, commercial, industrial, research, and multi-family buildings in segregated zones.

Yarbrough cited the location as being ideal, with easy access to the airport to the north, and the Port of Houston to the south. In addition, it is surrounded by quality housing, parks, good schools, and water features including Lake Houston.

McCord is just beginning the development of this property, Yarbrough said, and they expect it to be a 20 year long project until completed.

McCord announced the first major prime tenant just last month, FMC technologies bought 173 acres for offices and manufacturing. Their property will face Beltway 8/Sam Houston Parkway East.

Ryan McCord, president of the company, said “it’s important for companies to have state-of-the-art facilities to attract and retain the best and brightest talent.”