Pack of wild dogs terrorize neighborhood kill, eat four pets

A pack of dogs attacked and killed a pet kangaroo and three kinkajous outside an exotic pet store on Connorvale Road last week.

The owner of S&S Exotic Animals store, Suzett Stidom, found her kangaroo dead after a Sunday night attack.

The dogs went back again on Wednesday, January 29, and killed two more kinkajous.

According to KHOU11 local news, Stidom only found small body parts of the kinkajou because the dogs “had ripped them through the cage.”

The pets were kept in heated cages between the pet store and her house. The property is also surrounded by a 6 ft. tall fence, but that did not stop the dogs from jumping it to get to the pets.

Stidom is devastated for her loss; a six-week-old kinkajou is orphaned by the dog attacks.

After the attacks, Stidom decided to keep all animals inside the house but now she is worried about the kids in the neighborhood. Grace Raymond Elementary is down the street and Stidom is worried the dogs may go after the kids once the pets are secured.

Stidom contacted Harris County Animal Control and they were going to provide her with dog traps.