East Aldine District suppports Water protest

In response to the complaints that residents of Castlewood Subdivision, in the East Aldine District, have made to the state regarding rate increases, and water quality and service, the State Office of Administrative Hearings has scheduled a preliminary hearing on the case, known as TCEQ vs. Suburban Utility Company. The hearing was scheduled after the homeowners in Castlewood filed a petition with the TCEQ.

The preliminary hearing will take place in Houston, on Thursday morning, March 27 starting at 10 a.m. and expected to last about four hours.

Due to limited parking available at the state offices, at 2020 N. Loop W., the District has agreed to provide a bus for the many that are expected to attend. Please call 713-595-1232 to reserve your spot on the bus.

The District is also providing an attorney to work with residents to alleviate this rate increase and others.