MacArthur student found dead after prom

Jackie Gomez

GREENSPOINT – The Houston Police Department is investigating the death of a 17 year old MacArthur High School student who was reported dead by her boyfriend.

Jacqueline Gomez and her classmates had attended the prom, held Friday night at the Hyatt North Houston hotel on the Sam Houston Beltway North. After the prom, many continued partying and then retired to rooms that had been booked for the night.

Saturday morning, her boyfriend called for help when he found that Gomez was not breathing in their 8th floor room.

Witnesses say that they heard partying noise from that room most of the night, but it did not seem unusual for that type of event.

HPD detective Mike Miller told the media that there was no indication of foul play, and that the boyfriend had been questioned but was not believed to be involved in the death. Miller said that there was evidence of alcohol and pain killer drugs in the room, but could not say that was the cause of death.

Gomez was well liked and well known in the community. Many knew her from her job at the local Kroger’s store.