Founder Sylvia Bolling resigns as active director at Aldine FHC

Sylvia Bolling

Sylvia Bolling has announced her retirement from Aldine YOUTH, the social organization she founded 24 years ago. Bolling issued the following statement:

Sylvia Bolling, a speech/language pathologist and sign language interpreter, founded Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. (Youth Organization United To Help) out of her home 24 years ago, in 1990. God gave her a vision to make a difference in the lives of youth here in our Aldine community.

Operating 5 years without a building, staff, funds, or needed equipment, she and her family along with a handful of committed volunteers, stayed faithful to that vision and planned a variety of activities which had a positive impact on many youth. She left her full-time job at Aldine ISD and dedicated her life to this mission.

In 1995, the organization was blessed to receive funds from Houston Endowment to pay the down payment on the 6.8 acres of land located at 4700 Aldine Mail Route and became the Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. Community Center. God provided everything needed to keep the Center operating, without government funding. Through partnerships with schools, churches, businesses, and agencies, the Center continued to flourish and today offers over 25 educational, vocational, social, and recreational programs and services to help transform and empower, not just the youth, but the whole family. Their board of directors, staff, volunteers, and donors, remained steadfast in helping to grow this much needed organization and touch the lives of so many people in our community. Along this journey, Sylvia and the Center were awarded a variety of local, city, state, and national awards for their valuable work and witnessed a positive change in so many lives.

In late 2010, Buckner International, a global Christian organization with corporate office in Dallas, visited the Center and was so impressed by the mission and effectiveness of what had been done, they requested that Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. be acquisitioned by them to become a part of their Buckner ministry.

After much prayer and counsel, an agreement was made and the acquisition was official in March 2012. This relationship with Buckner will ensure the sustainability and growth of services to our community and is truly a blessing. They renamed the center to the Aldine Family Hope Center, but kept the programs and services intact which were previously offered by the Center.

Sylvia Bolling explains, “God gave me this vision as an assignment to plant and nurture for the past 24 years. Now, my assignment is over at the Center in the role as director, and it is time for me to venture out and begin some new works. I have been so blessed to be used by God to witness His power and faithfulness and know that when He says something will be done, it will be done!! I want to thank the hundreds of people who have given so graciously of their time, money, prayers, and love to make sure that this organization became what God intended it to be. A special thank you to Shawna Roy, my daughter, who served as my Program Director for 9 years and had such a positive impact in the organization. She recently accepted a position as Club Director at the Havard Boys and Girls Club. To be able to establish such a wonderful organization, in spite of the fact we did not always have the funds needed, truly shows what can be done when people work together in one accord on behalf of making their community a better place for all, especially our children. To God be the Glory!”

Sylvia will now contract with Buckner International as a Community Liaison to continue to build relationships with community businesses, churches, schools, and agencies here in Aldine and also in Houston as a whole. She is so happy to be able to still be involved in the community and support the future growth of the Center and help and connect with other entities. Sylvia recently wrote her first book, “When God Gives You A Vision” to encourage others to follow their dreams and visions. You can learn more about her future plans and keep in contact with her by visiting her website at or email her at

“Ms. Alma DeAlejandro is the new director of the Aldine Family Hope Center. Please stop by and welcome her in this position and give her all the support she needs to carry on this mission”, Sylvia says. “There will be a lot of exciting happenings in the years to come, so I encourage everyone to continue to commit to being a part of the Center as it goes forth. Please continue to donate and volunteer, that will truly honor our legacy.”

For more information, visit the Center at 4700 Aldine Mail Rt. or call 281-449-4828.