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East Aldine District holds – “Scam Jam”, Sheriff gives advice

EAST ALDINE – East Aldine hosted a scam jam event to inform residents how to combat fraud last Tuesday mornng in the district offices.

Special guest Sheriff Adrian Garcia attended the event and gave some advice to protect yourself and your family.

Sheriff Garcia recommends to check your accounts regularly, set up alerts in your mobile devices, be suspicious of e-mails that you may receive, do not release any personal information over phone calls. Also “Keeping a ledger is a good way to make sure that someone has not compromised your accounts,” Sheriff Garcia continued. “There are trusted sources like lifelock.”

Nowadays with this technology, Sheriff Garcia strongly suggests to get help and pay attention to your savings and checkings accounts, and credit cards. “Trusted sources let you know almost instantly if there are charges out of the ordinary in your accounts,” he added.


Listen for these:

1.Are they asking for credit card or bank information?

2.Are they asking for personal information such as your medicare or social security number?

3. They know something about you but need to verify the correct information.

If any of these are happening, hang up and report the call to Texas Senior Medicare Patrol at 1-888-341-6187.

Also remember if it sounds too good to be true… it is! People do not give away money, cars, television sets or cruises unless they want something in return, meaning money ($$$) from you.

Pay close attention to telemarketers. If you receive a call from a charity, tell them to send you the information in writing.

During the scam jam there was a free shredding to safely dispose of outdated personal and financial documents. The event included presentations, resources and exhibitors by AARP, Crime Stoppers, Better Business Bureau and Texas SMP.