Kroger’s sued by County over garbage smells

Kroger on Aldine Mail Route is one of two stores that were cited in the lawsuit.

EAST ALDINE – The Aldine District has repeatedly cited the Kroger store on Aldine Mail Route for nuisance abatement, regarding their smelly garbage.

Now Harris County is suing grocery giant Kroger over garbage so smelly, it made investigators gag.

It happened at the store at Aldine Mail Route and the Eastex Freeway, and the store off the Katy Freeway near Bunker Hill Rd.

The lawsuit claims the smell of rotting garbage at the two Kroger stores was so bad, it violated the Texas Clean Air Act and the Solid Waste Disposal Act, Assistant County Attorney Lauren Hudson says.

“The investigator describes the odor as one of the worst that she has ever smelled,” Hudson said.

So Harris County is suing for as much as $325,000. “Our client was able to meet with Kroger and get the garbage and the smell cleaned up,” Hudson said. “Unfortunately, we weren’t able to come to an agreement on the civil penalties.”

The lawsuit says the stinkiest store was on Aldine Mail Route. The smell was so horrible, the county issued four violation notices in five months. The lawsuit says Kroger was not emptying the compactor once a week as required by law.

Kroger declined to comment.