Aldine FHC celebrates holidays with Open House

Kristen Hook- Buckner Gift Officer

The Aldine Family Hope Center, 4700 Aldine Mail Route, held a Christmas Open House and Toy Drive on Tuesday, Dec. 9th. We were so honored by having over 70 people in attendance – a wide variety of business, school, church, and agency representatives from the community and Houston at large.

The air was truly filled with joy and the feeling of coming together in this special time of the year.

We appreciate each and every gift that was donated to help bless our children. The abundance of gifts on the table showed how much people cared to make a difference. Everyone networked, enjoyed holiday snacks, and took tours of the Center to learn more about our programs and services and future goals of our Center. All attendees were so impressed with what the Aldine Family Hope Center has been able to accomplish over the past 25 years on behalf of our community youth and families.

We are hoping for more volunteers and donations in the upcoming year. For information about our many programs and how you can help, please come by the Center or call 281-449-4828. On behalf of our Buckner administrators and our staff, we wish each of you a very Merry Christmas!!!