MacArthur girl hit, killed by pick up truck

Vanessa Garcia was hit and killed by pick up truck on her way to school.

NORTHEAST– An 18-year-old MacArthur High School student was killed while walking to the school.

According to deputies, Vanessa Garcia, a senior student in MacArtgur HS was hit and killed by a pick up truck the morning of last Friday, February 6, 2015.

Vannesa Garcia was walking in the middle of the eastbound lane on Bertrand and a car was traveling westbound, deputies said. Apparently, the car was going too slow and the driver of the pick up truck decided to pass the car. As the truck was passing the car, the pick up truck hit the teenager head on and killing her, deputies said.

Deputies said in the last several months other people have been seriously injured or killed because there are no safe places for pedestrians to walk in that area.

The girl was dressed all in black and there are very few street lights in that part of town, witnesses said.

Vanessa Garcia was planning to go to college and study law enforcement after high school.