NORTHEAST HOUSTON – The Haverstock Hills Apartments on Aldine Bender Road were the scene of a multi-agency raid, last Thursday evening.

Participating in the raid were the deputies from the Harris County Sheriff’s office, deputies from Constable Precinct 4, and officers from the Houston Police Department.

Authorities said that the raid was meant to insure that persons who had been banned from the premises by a court-ordered permanent injunction in 2014 had not returned to the apartment complex.

The injunction established an East Aldine Safety Zone, an area around the apartments that also includes other residences and businesses, and two schools, Francis Elementary and A&W Academic Academy.

Apartment dwellers report that they are used to a high crime rate in the complex, especially at night.

Banned from the Safety Zone are 47 named members of two notorious gangs, the Crips and the Bloods.

Authorities said they checked people in the raid, and found some that either had been banned by the injunction, or had outstanding warrants, and several arrests were made.

Residents of the apartment complex said they appreciated the police action, but feared that the crime element would return when the police left the scene.