Bonding Against Adversity hosts 1st HS graduation

Graduates of “One-on-One Mentoring” 2010-2015 program show their diploma at the BAA High School celebration in Aldine last month. Sen. Sylvia Garcia

In 2010 Bonding Against Adversity (BAA) launched the “One on One Program for Students with Potential”.

Statistics show that not all the students finish with a high school diploma. With the number of drop outs from their secondary schools increasing at an alarming rate, their One on One Program for students with potential is designed to assist the learning process of students from middle school all the way to high school. The program is free to the participants and is limited to no more than ten students from each participating school district.

On Friday June 26 at the East Aldine District office, BAA presented their first group of students not just finishing their high school diploma but graduating with honors. Three of the students finished high school with Cum Laude. Out of 10 students 9 completed their high school diploma and registered for college.

Thanks go to the East Aldine District Board of Directors, the Aldine School District, Noble Energy, Lone Star College, Tittles by M.E, the Board of Directors from Bonding Against Diversity, all the tutors, donors, friends, parents, and everyone that is involved in this program, proving that one on one assistance to the students shows success.