Available sites for Economic Growth toured by District, and GHP Chamber

This map of the East Aldine District identifies available sites for economic development for commercial or industrial projects

EAST ALDINE – The economic development committee reported to the board at their last meeting of an important tour of available industrial and commercial sites available in the district for development.

The tour was made with representatives of the Greater Houston Partnership on Monday morning, July 20th. The tour was initiated at the urging of committee member John Meinke, and involved economic development staff and GHP’s Jason Ford, ED director for that organization.

This cooperation between the two organizations, and the outreach by the District, marks an important step in East Aldine’s plan to create jobs and improve the quality of life in the area. The tour and accompanying listing of properties was developed with the help of EAMD’s Economic Development Advisor, Ray Lawrence. The map and listings included 11 sites, ranging from 4.8 acres to 101.1 acres. Most of the properties viewed were ready for development, and some were already in industrial parks and had utilities and amenities.

The sites included two on the Eastex Freeway, two on Beltway 8, two on Aldine Westfield, two on Aldine Bender, and three on JFK Boulevard.

The largest site is being developed by Clay Development, 101.1 acres known as Kennedy Greens South, which is adjacent to their fully developed Kennedy Greens Park.

The East Aldine Economic Developemtn Committee consists of chairwoman Joyce Wiley, John Meinke, Patti Acosta, and Gerald Overturff. Staff members include Gretchen Larson, Brian Burks and Jerry Lowry.

The staff presented to the committee a power point presentation of all the projects, events and programs for the past year that have taken place in the East Aldine District.

The committee is also working on taking the message of the District to national and regional developers trade shows.