Greenspoint’s public Art Portfolio expands

Greenspoint’s Public Art seen and to be seen in our area.

HOUSTON, The Greater Greenspoint Redevelopment Authority (GGRA) recently teamed up with UP Art Studio on an innovative venture to bring new public art pieces to the community.

The project transforms traffic signal control cabinets at intersections into murals, which UP Art Studio refers to as Mini Murals. The Greenspoint Mini Murals are the latest additions to the public art projects brought to the area since GGRA’s creation in 1998.

“The boxes are intended to help instill civic pride while beautifying neighborhoods and enhancing the urban landscape of Houston,” Elia Quiles, Mini Murals project manager at UP Art Studio, said.

Sally Bradford, executive director of GGRA, thinks the two entities make a great team. “UP Art Studio has done many projects throughout the City of Houston, and we had previously discussed a project to soften the look of the electrical boxes with art,” Bradford said. “They had existing relationships with city officials and local artists. When they approached us, the project seemed like a perfect fit.”

UP Art Studio worked with the GGRA to select the final artwork from renderings submitted by 29 artists. Local artists selected for the Greenspoint project include: FX Crew, Roger Seward, Jessica Guerra, Bret Nix, Anat Ronen and Janavi Folmsbee.

“Public art projects, like Mini Murals, enhance visual appeal and help establish the character and identity of an area,” said Bart Baker, executive vice president and chief operating officer for the Greenspoint District. Baker oversees the District’s Operations, Planning and Infrastructure department, which also works on beautification projects in Greenspoint. “The GGRA has a history of bringing unique public art to Greenspoint and engaging local artists in projects. We appreciate their work in distinguishing our community with unique projects,” Baker added.

Each mural, which has been installed at intersections throughout the Greenspoint area, has a different theme. Current Greenspoint Mini Mural locations include:

Greens Road at Imperial Valley Drive

11200 Airline Drive

Greens Road at Wayforest Drive

Airline Drive at Buckboard Drive

Kuykendahl Road at Rankin Road

Greens Road at Northchase Drive

Airline Drive at Hardwicke Road

Airline Drive and Dyna Drive

Two additional murals are planned to complete this project: Benmar Drive at Greenspoint Drive and Airline Drive at Goodson Drive. For more information about the project and a map of mural locations, visit