East Aldine District holds Retreat to plan future goals


NORTHEAST – Board members of the East Aldine District gathered in the Woodlands last month, for a planning retreat.

The district is observing its 15th anniversary this year, and has been guided by a Service Plan laid out at the beginning. Now the district feels it is time to update that plan, evaluate its relevance, and restate goals for the next five to fifteen years, according to Executive Director David Hawes.

The all-day retreat started by focusing on accomplishments, through a video prepared by the staff of district activities over the last fifteen years.

The goal of the district is to improve the quality of life for all in the Aldine area. In the first 10 year Service Plan, this was divided into particular categories, as follows:

— Water/sewer infrastructure

— Transportation and Mobility

— Security and Public Safety

— Environmental and Urban Design

— Neighborhood Clean-up

— Economic Development and Public Relations

— Leadership Training

— Project Staffing and Administration

Committees of board members and the public have worked in each of these areas over the years.

The retreat discussed each of these areas, and how they could be re-interpreted and implemented in the future.

Also discussed was the new Town Center project on Aldine Mail Route, and the proposed construction of a new building for the functions of the district, including offices and public spaces.