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Crime stats reviewed at Aldine Safety Forum

These Sheriff’s Deputies, including Patrol officers and Command Staff, were present at the District II Patrol Bureau. Also in the photo are some of the Citizen’s Police Academy. The event was organized by Sgt. C. Adolph at right, and the main presenter was Captain Ken Melancon, at center in the second row.

East Aldine offices were the venue for a meeting last Tuesday night, between the Aldine community and many of the deputies that patrol District II. Captain Ken Melancon welcomed that audience, and moderated the presentation. He explained that Sheriff Ed Gonzales intended for these meetings to be on a regular basis, throughout the County. Melancon noted that his District is responsible to cover 290 square miles, with 500,000 persons residing. He has 128 officers, who work 3 shifts and 7 days. More resources are needed, and the audience learned that 50 new police cars and 150 new officers are due in the County soon.

Melancon said that crime had been reduced in the last year, and there was a “huge difference.”

However, he acknowledged that Aldine had problems with individuals being robbed, gang activity, loud noise, and celebratory shooting into the sky. He promised additional effort on these problems.

Melancon praised his department for their work during Hurricane Harvey, noting that they had made 3635 water rescues during the flooding.

He also said that his department has a very active Crisis Intervention Response Team, in partnership with Harris Health and their mental health unit. He introduced Officers Hudson and Kelly from this group. He said that they dealt with suicide, Bipolar and other mental illness, and homeless individuals. He said that his department has a proactive approach to homeless people, helping them off the street and into safe dwellings, food, and other needs.

Melancon noted that the East Aldine District has a proactive patrol unit, to stop crime before it happens. He urged the public to use an App known as Closewatch, to report suspicious crime activity.

He introduced his shift commanders, Lt. Gray on day shift, Lt. Batten on night Shift. The number to call for Dispatch is 713221-6000, and for his Station, 281-446-9155.