271 Seniors will receive scholarships in May

Aldine Education Foundation has announced that for 2019, graduating seniors will receive 147 scholarships from AEF, totaling $438,000 in awards. This includes 37 permanent endowments, including AISD staff-funded scholarships.

In addition the Aldine Scholarship Foundation will award 135 scholarships. The total awards by the ASF will be $135,000. In all AISD seniors will receive $572,000 in awards for their future college studies. There were a total of 735 applications for these scholarship, 391 for AEF, 43 for ASF, and 301 for both organizations. Award notifications were sent on April 3rd.

Awards will be given out at an AEF/ASF Scholarship ceremony on Tuesday, May 14 at M. O. Campbell Center, starting at 6:00 pm. It was announced that the format of the ceremony has been changed from previous years, and the reception will follow the awards ceremony, rather than occurring prior to the awards.

Dr. Geoffey has asked the AEF board to fund four projects for the upcoming year. These include a Convocation 2019 at $25,000; work on a Strategic Plan with support and a final report at $15,000; an initiative to “refresh” the Aldine ISD brand at $20,000; and a Marketing and Awareness campaign at $80,000. The AEF board approved all these items, which Dr. Geoffrey termed the “Big Idea Projects.”

At their meeting, the Education Foundation reported that the Educators of the Year program resulted in 81 teachers and 2 principals receiving a total of $67,500 in awards for outstanding work.

The Education Foundation raises money through Annual Giving by Donors, a Golf Tournament, and a “Dollar Makes A Difference” campaign for AISD staff. The report for 2018 if that in the Fall campaign, 2,457 staff pledged $92,556 to AEF and $60,245 to ASF. In the Spring campaign, 2,831 staff pledged $104,250 to AEF, and $66,503 to ASF.