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North Forest area plans New Management District

SB390 Bill promoters include State Representatives Harold Dutton and Senfronia Thompson, Pastor Lightfoot, SB390 bill sponsor Senator Borris Miles, and Charles Noble, president of the Fontaine/Scenic Wood Civic club.The North Forest and Northeast Houston neighborhoods are about to get their own management district, pending the final vote and signature of the governor.

A group of citizens, headed by State Senator Borris Miles, have been working to get approval of SB390, and the votes in committee in both the House and Senate have been unanimous. Without any opposition, the bill is expected to pass before the end of the session in June.

A management district, with power to assess money through taxes and assessments of various sorts, would make a huge difference in the quality of life, and services available in the Northeast Houston area, according to Miles.

The first management district in Texas was formed over 25 years ago, and many areas have benefited from the legislation. Management districts are meant to provide services beyond what the local government, whether city or county, can provide. These often include economic development, new public facilities, amenities such as water and sewer lines, sidewalks, street lighting, parks, and additional police protection.

The public will be asked to vote on the formation of the MD in the general election next November 5th. Early voting will start October 21. The measure must pass by at least 50% of the eligible voters, to go into effect, since passage includes the possibility of some type of tax. This might be an assessment on real estate, exclusive of residential properties, or a sales tax if that particular area has not used its total allowable of 8.25%.

The management district will be run by an appointed board of nine persons, paid a nominal sum, to administer the district. The appointments must be approved by the county and city.

The geographic area to be included in the Northeast Houston Redevelopment District will be east of US59, and north of Liberty Road, including land in both Harris County and the City of Houston. The total area consists of 12,905 acres.

It is expected that the new district will be similar to the East Aldine district, which was formed in 2001 and is responsible for a great number of improvements in quality of life issues in Aldine.

Complete details of the powers and limitations of the new management district are available online, with a Google search of Texas SB390.