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Go Fly a Kite – at Aldine’s Kite Festival!

Children and adults made their kites, and then colored them with bright designs. Some also brought their own.

The East Aldine community held a Kite Festival last Saturday, at the Town Center. Meant to set a tradition for the community, the East Aldine District promoted the event with the help of sponsors. Families, friends and neighbors first met on the BakerRipley courtyard for a Zumba performance, and then enjoyed kite making, kite flying, games, face painting, raffles, moon walks, and food from food trucks. A great tradition of fun and neighborhood that the East Aldine community can look forward to again.

A proud young kite flyer demonstrtates his artwork on his kite, and his skill in flying it low (and later higher up in the sky). A few ended up in the trees and water.