Harris County Expands COVID-19 Testing

One of 14 Drive-thru test sites in Harris County, at Forest Brook MS.
One of 14 Drive-thru test sites in Harris County, at Forest Brook MS.

Mobile Units to Reach All Precincts, Conduct 1,200 Tests Per Day

HARRIS COUNTY – County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced last Monday, April 13, 2020, that two new Harris County Public Health (HCPH) mobile units will provide drive-through testing for COVID-19, adding up to 200 tests per day to the county’s current testing capacity. Each pop-up site, which will rotate locations across the precincts starting Tuesday, will be able to make up to 100 drive-through tests per day. Additionally, testing capacity at HCPH’s two existing stationary sites will increase to 500 tests per location, per day, starting Wednesday.

These two units are in addition to 13 Drive-Thru sites around the county, both public and private. These include 2 Harris County sites, 2 City of Houston sites, 4 free sites by UMMC, and 3 sites by MD Medical.

“Until we make testing accessible to everyone who needs it, we will not be able to fully tackle this disease in Harris County,” said Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo. “These efforts are a key step forward, but they’re not enough. We have to be nimble. We have to reach underserved communities and expand our ability to help folks identify if they are sick, and isolate immediately.”

The pop-up testing locations were identified in coordination with Harris County Precincts. To be tested, residents must complete online screening via ReadyHarris.org and obtain an authorization code. Once confirmed they meet the criteria for testing, residents will be provided an appointment time and directed to a testing site closest to them. Walk-ins will be turned away.

Testing sites will be allocated to the precincts from Monday through Saturday, spending three days in two precincts, and three days in the other two precincts.

All individuals can access the online screening tool at readyharris.org. Individuals without access to a computer or Internet can call the Harris County Public Health COVID-19 resource line at 832-927- 7575.


Please note that some testing sites are private and costs may vary at each site; there are 3 sites that are entirely free.

1. Legacy Northline: 5598 A-1 North Freeway | 832-548-5000 (Sliding scale fee)

2. Legacy Santa Clara: East End – 5616 Lawndale | 832-548-5000 (Sliding scale fee)

3. Vecinos Clinic at Denver Harbor: 6402 Market St | 713-674-3326 or 713- 695-4013 for pediatric care (Cost for mandatory screening varies; test is free)

4. Mi Doctor: 5230 Aldine Mail Route; call or text 1-888-776-5252 or call 281-598-3300 (Will bill insurance; $165 without insurance)

5. Walgreens (starting tomorrow, Friday April 17th): 101 W. Southmoore Ave, Pasadena (Free testing)

6. Walgreens, 14531 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77082

7. Goose Creek ISD Stallworth: 2102 E Archer Rd, Baytown, TX (Free testing)

8. Forest Brook Middle School: 7525 Tidwell Rd (Free testing)

There will also be a mobile testing site in and around our district on certain days. Register at ReadyHarris.org or by calling 832-927-7575.