East Aldine District reports to the community

JULY 2020 –– Harris County Precinct 2 is working on the Aldine Mail Route road reconstruction between Slater Ln to Aldine Westfield with construction set to begin later this year.

Differential Response Team (DRT)

The DRT deputies are focusing on a community outreach approach (to businesses, residents and area organizations) to address community crime hotspots (cantinasibars, convenience stores, junk yards, apartments, game rooms and smoke shops), and other neighborhood nuisances. In June, DRT conducted 31 felony/adult misdemeanor arrests, issued 3 Felony/Misdemeanor warrants, 93 Citations, 209 reports, 27 Nuisance Abatement, 20 Nuisance Abatement Follow Up.

Specialized Overtime Patrol Program

During the month of June, the Specialized Patrol was deployed in the EANM area parks specifically Keith-Wiess Park, patrolling the area for reports of illegal ATV activity and other suspicious activities. The specialized patrol spent 75 hours on ATV patrol. 342 citizen contacts were made and 55 Business/ Park Checks.

Responsive Patrol

In June, the Responsive Patrol Deputies Alma Tristan, David Peterson, Jose Pena, Ray Radney, Tracy San Martin, Eduardo Vela, Rebecca Limon, Aziz Jan, Jose Sanchez, Vanessa Esqueda, Chris Hernandez, and Eduardo Pintor responded to 13 burglaries, 19 thefts/criminal mischiefs, 11 assaults, 9 suspicious persons, 51 suspicious / abandoned / stolen / recovered / speeding vehicles, 21 local/silent/hoidup alarms, 60 disturbances/discharge of firearm, 73 conducted meet the citizen/officer, 27 Information Calls, 28 school/welfare/parks/ parking lot/ contract/ business checks, 24 accidents/ traffic hazards and 53 traffic stops.

Nuisance Abatement

Sergeant Stormer and DRT Deputies addressed 27 new nuisance issues and 20 follow up cases; writing notices to property owners that have been reported to be nuisances, in addition to mailing letters to property owners regarding their issues needing compliance.

County Attorney

Assistant County Attorney is currently gathering information on reported street racers congregating at the Pinewood Shopping Center and along Little York Rd. County Attorney is exploring options to alleviate the issue. The County Attorney also continues to work closely with the HCSO DRTNuisance for game room cases and other cases being investigated.

ROW Maintenance / Litter Crew

In June, the ROW Maintenance crew removed 42 bags of clippings/trash along 88.6 linear miles of roads, which amounted to 2100 pounds of clippings/ trash removed. They also removed 104 tires and 207 bandit signs from the EAMD ROW.

*The Litter crew removed 92 bags of litter totaling 4600 pounds and 203 bandit signs from EAMD ROW.