Public input by ZOOM meeting for Pct 2 Parks & Trails Comprehensive Plan

A map of Precinct 2 shows the extent of population density, and location of parks as indicated by colored dots.
A map of Precinct 2 shows the extent of population density, and location of parks as indicated by colored dots.

Harris County Pct. 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia held a Zoom meeting last Monday night, to get the public’s input and ideas on how to develop a Comprehensive Plan for Parks and Trails in Precinct 2.

About 100 persons participated in the session, which lasted about an hour, exceeding the time planned because of the enthusiasm of the callers and the commissioner.

Adrian Garcia said that he wants Pct. 2 to have a reputation for outstanding parks, that attract people and publicity, and where people can have a good time. He noted that good parks also increase property values.

Garcia revealed that he has an experienced architectural landscape and urban planning firm working on the project. This is Asakura Robinson, headed by Keiji Asakura.

Also participating in the Zoom meeting and the planning for the parks are representatives from Pct. 2 and also the Harris County engineering department. Another consultant is Jose Eduardo Sanchez, a community engagement specialist.

The team’s goals are:

1. Outline how parks, trails and open spaces can best serve the communities in the precinct.

2. Examine existing parks and trails.

3. Make recommendations for new and improved facilities.

4. Develop clear goals and objectives for the future of parks and trails in the precinct.

The schedule for the Parks & Trails plan is a Hike and Bike Trail map by October 2020; a Priority Parks Plan by December 2020; and a Comprehensive Parks Plan by June 2021.

Garcia is also working on a more general Community plan, and this parks plan will synchronize with that one.

Ideas expressed in the Zoom meeting included diverse uses, all day/every day usage, different personalities for different parks, unique designs, parks that reflect the types of neighborhoods, inclusion of WiFi capabilities, and several more.

A website is available for more information and to make suggestions: There is also a survey at that site for your input.

Garcia said that he will add parks where needed, hopefully using old unused land, and flood control land. With great enthusiasm, Garcia said, “Now more that ever, parks are essential public spaces. Let’s make sure they’re serving you.”