East Aldine offers free grants to $10,000 to improve your property in new BIG program

By Gilbert Hoffman

The East Aldine District goal is to improve the Quality of Life for residents of the district, and that includes the visual appearance of the area. To that end, the business and economic committee, headed by board member Joyce Wiley, has proposed a new program for businesses, to clean, remodel, and improve the appearance of their physical buildings and landscape. The Program is known as the Business Improvement Grant program, or BIG acronym.

The District has established and funded the program, and will provide matching grant funds to eligible businesses, developers, and individuals within the East Aldine District boundaries.

Commercial Exterior Projects to be considered for Grants include but are not limited to Exterior Painting, Parking Lot Repairs or improvements, and Power Washing.

Qualified grantees include any commercial lot or structure located within the District boundaries. Residential properties and District Board, Staff, and their families are not eligible.

Grant applications will be review for:

• Basic Eligibility requirements

• Potential to diversify the economy

• Effect and support of other businesses

• Local redevelopment consistency.

Financial assistance is set up as a single payment reimbursement to property owners. Grant funds are limited to a maximum of 50% or up to $10,000 of the project cost. Grant funds are available until the total funds for the budget cycle are depleted. The annual funding cycle begins January 1st and ends December 31st in alignment with EAMD’s fiscal year.

No grant will be awarded for work that has begun, been completed, or is covered by insurance. BIG Application must be reviewed and approved before eligible work begins. Deviations from the approved grant project may results in total or partial withdrawal of the grant.

Upon project completion, East Aldine District will provide a BIG sign which must be prominently displayed in a storefront window for a minimum of three months in order to officially recognize the EAMD BIG program.

You and your company and the awarded Project will also be recognized as a program recipient with the before and after photos featured on our website, newsletters, and social media platforms.

Applicants are encouraged to attend our monthly Board of Directors meetings. Visit AldineDistrict.org for schedule and times. Failure to attend meetings when required shall be cause for rejection.

If you have questions, Call us at 512-658-4985 or 832-677-0139.