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Aldine officer praised for Heroic effort to save two in fiery crash


Aldine ISD Police Chief Paul Córdova recognized Captain Marc Harris for commendable actions at the Board of Trustees meeting on August 17.

Chief Córdova shared how on July 23, around noon, Harris was offduty and in plain clothes, driving north on I-45, when he noticed a severe traffic accident that had just occurred at the I-10 interchange.

Harris saw that both vehicles were on fire, and both drivers were still in their vehicles. He exited his vehicle and found that a female driver was conscious but unable to get out because the driver’s door had become inoperable due to the crash. Harris quickly broke out the passenger window and extricated the woman from the passenger side with the assistance of an unknown citizen.

He also noticed that the male driver remained in the other vehicle. He was unaware of the danger he was in as his vehicle was on fire. Harris removed the driver from his vehicle to safety before both vehicles became fully engulfed with a raging fire.

“Because of his impactful leadership and selfless empathy for others, Captain Harris saved the lives of two members of our community. He is recognized before the Aldine ISD Board of Education and awarded the Aldine ISD Police Department Lifesaving pin, which he may now proudly display on his uniform. Thank you, Captain Harris,” said Chief Córdova.