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Harris County Commissioners Approve New Precinct Lines


By Judge Lina Hidalgo

HARRIS COUNTY – Based on the new census data released earlier this year, Harris County is required to redraw its commissioner precinct maps to reflect changes in population and comply with the “one person, one vote” principle. As one of the fastest growing communities in America, redistricting is important because it ensures that each elected precinct commissioner represents a roughly equal number of residents as populations shift over time.

The County undergoes this process every ten years and it is important to know what redistricting does and does not do. This redistricting process will ensure that every resident in our community has fair and equal representation in our county government. Redistricting will not cause any interruption of road and bridge maintenance. Your access to parks, community centers, libraries and other county facilities is not affected by which precinct you live in. Ambulance and police services likewise are not impacted by any changes to commissioner precinct redistricting. Additionally, any changes to precinct boundaries will be accompanied by proper and timely planning across Harris County government to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Over the past several Harris County Commissioners Approve New Precinct Lines months, Harris County has hosted over eight public meetings on redistricting throughout the county, including allowing the public to present their own maps and comments to inform the process. Following this process, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo and Commissioners Court considered and approved a new district/precinct plan on October 28th. This adopted map and the current map can be viewed here.