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East Aldine BIG program expands to include Demolition

East Aldine District’s Economic Developer director Lance Dean, explains the new BIG Demolition program at last month’s Business Luncheon.

East Aldine District held their quarterly Business Luncheon last Thursday, July 28 at the district offices. Attending were local business persons and speakers for Lone Star College, BakerRipley, and East Aldine District.

Lance Dean of East Aldine District described an expansion of the BIG (Business Improvement Grant) program that now includes demolition of substandard structures, to improve the appearance of the district and enhance the value of properties. Dean said the 50-50 matching grant program is meant to encourage eligible property owners, businesses or individuals, to demolish structures for future development or quality of life improvement.

Grants are available up to the total amount of $10,000, or 50% of the project cost.

Property owners will benefit with a sign that says they participated in the program, and publicity on District media with before and after photos.

Ashley Gomez of BakerRipley explained their Food Industry Resilience Program, meant to help existing businesses rebuilt that have been impacted by COVID-19. Subjects include healthy foods, a strategic business plan, and improved focus and mindset on recover. Call 346-570-4441 for more details. From Lone Star College, Chris Viser and several staff members had a booth with information on all the programs offered by LSC for businesses and individuals. An impressive brochure listed hundreds of classes, at over 20 campus and center locations.