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Lawsuit filed after concrete truck falls from overpass, injures 3 and kills boy

Concrete Mixer Truck fell from Beltway 8 onto car driving below on frontage road. A 22 month old boy was killed, 3 others injured.

HOUSTON — A family whose SUV was crushed when a concrete-mixer truck toppled off the East Beltway and landed on their vehicle is now seeking compensation in the wake of an apparent freak accident that killed a 22- month-old boy. Nicolas Resendiz was identified as the 22-month-old child who died in the Aug. 5, 2022, crash on the East Beltway

His aunt, Esmerelda Resendiz, described little Nicolas Resendiz saying, “He was just a happy little boy. He wasn’t shy like his sister. He would go to anybody. He would smile with you and laugh.”

The family is having a hard time accepting what happened was real.

“It’s still hard for us to process everything. Doing every day, daily things, with him not being here, or seeing one and not the other,” Esmerelda Resendiz said.

The lawsuit was filed by Jennifer and Maria Resendiz, two of the SUV’s occupants, against National Ready Mix LLC of Kingwood, which is the company that owns the truck involved in the Aug. 5 crash.

The two women, who are mother and daughter, are not only seeking damages for current and future medical expenses, but they are seeking compensation for the wrongful death of Nicolas, the child who lost his life.

“Plaintiff Jennifer Resendiz has forever lost her son. She is, therefore, entitled to be compensated for the past and future loss of the companionship, society, love, and affection resulting from the death of Nicholas, and for the mental anguish, grief and sorrow, which she has suffered since his death, and which she will in the future for the rest of her life,” the filing reads.

The women, whom the lawsuit states as “seriously injured” from the crash, are seeking over $1 million for Nicholas’ death. A monetary amount was not disclosed for the women’s injuries.

Houston attorney Terry Bryant is listed as the family’s representation.