New Sculpture to enhance EAD Town Center

The Arts Council of the East Aldine District has proposed a new landmark sculpture, to be installed in the Roundabout in front of their HQ Office building.

Carlos Silva, chairman of the Arts Council and board chair of the District, has described the sculpture as a “culturally important piece of art that will be here for generations to come.” He has solicited a proposal from artist Guadalupe Hernandez, collaborating with a design firm MetaLab, to prepare a detailed design and budget. The estimated cost of the piece has been set at $315.000.

At the East Aldine Management District board meeting last month, the project was approved and instructed the Arts Council to proceed. The vote was 4-3, with some dissension from Director Zarzoza, who thought more input from the community was needed before approval.

Chairman Silva described the project:

Guadalupe has proposed an absolute custom “one-of-a-kind” sculpture that will tower above the roundabout 30′ into the air. This tower will be seen from Aldine Mail Route.

This dramatic and captivating sculpture will not only serve to embellish the roundabout but also mark the future entrance to Keith Weiss Park from Town Center and more so be the CENTER of the entire TC/KWP complex.

The 9 independent panels (3 on each side) will contain content that WE on the Council will help inform. The basis of which is East Aldine’s “past-present-future.”

Keep in mind this will not be a static sculpture but will be illuminated from within creating a lantern effect whereby nighttime viewing will see the warm glow of the papel picado motif and the images contained therein.

The style, the artist, the color, all are very representative of the CULTURE and current makeup of East Aldine. A strong and proud predominantly Latino/Mexican heritage.

Lupe is partnering up with METALAB, a firm that has done some amazing architecture and public art projects in the city and all over the country. FUN FACT: Meta Labs was the design firm that created the Pavilion structure at the award winning James Driver Park!! I have met with those guys and they are absolutely top-notch. We are in tremendous hands!

This is a BOLD sculpture that if completed will be a point of pride for not only this Council but for ALL of East Aldine residents, students, and workers. It will become a BEACON lighting the way for generations to come!

To think that a field trip to True North inspired us by a work by Guadalupe in “La Pesqueria” and to have the chance to bring to life a truly massive East Aldine specific piece of art for all to see should be something we as the visionaries of this community should take great joy in.

The artist, Guadalupe Hernandez, has made the following statement about this project:

“This project aims to create an dynamic and culturally significant sculpture inspired by the artistic tradition of Papel Picado in Mexico. The sculpture will serve as a prominent landmark, distinguishing the Aldine Management District as a unique and captivating destination within the Houston area. By incorporating local cultural elements, the artwork will contribute to the district’s identity, establishing a strong sense of place that resonates with the community.

The sculpture will not only depict the area’s history but also provide a vision for its future. To ensure its durability and longevity, the artist team will work with MetaLab to ensure the sculpture will be constructed using quality, weather-resistant materials. Laser-cut aluminum panels will be painted with a three-coat industrial paint system, showcasing intricate designs. These panels will be securely mounted onto a steel frame, anchored to the ground to withstand various weather conditions and guarantee safety.”