Pct. 2 starts drainage project

High Meadows & Fairgreen Subdivisions

EAST ALDINE – This week Harris County Pct. 2 broke ground on another Revive2Thrive drainage improvement project in Precinct 2.

The High Meadows and Fairgreen subdivision will see improvements to their drainage infrastructure, which will help reduce the risk of flooding. It is part of the 2018 Harris County Flood Control District Bond Program and also supported by Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funds.

The $3.4 million improvements include:

— New, larger storm sewer pipes and inlets

— Installation of additional drainage systems

— Installation of an additional outfall

— Removal and replacement of half of the roadway and associated driveways

Construction is scheduled to begin this month, and will be completed in about 10 months. The Contractor is J. Rivas Construction LLC.

Thank you to our dedicated partners at Harris County Engineering Department, Harris County Community Services Department and Harris County Flood Control district.

This month in Commissioners Court, the following Precinct 2 infrastructure projects were approved:

Cloverleaf and East Aldine Crime Prevention Through Environment Design (CPTED) Projects: Two CPTED projects were brought forward by Commissioner Garcia and approved unanimously. The funding allocations are for the Barbara Mae St. Sidewalks in Cloverleaf and Lauder Basin Trail in East Aldine.

Both projects were identified in their respective community plans as top priorities after extensive community engagement. Both are key examples of Commissioner Garcia’s Revive2Thrive initiative and will help make Cloverleaf and East Aldine safer and better connected.

Barbara Mae St. is a key Galena Park ISD bus route where pickup/drop-off of students currently happens in the ditch. This item allocated $1.7 million to our sidewalk project which includes over 1 mile of 6 ft. sidewalks, landscaping, and pedestrian-scale solar lights.

Lauder Basin will be a central destination in the upcoming Greens-to-Halls Trails and will connect to the upcoming Greens Bayou Greenway, Mead Middle School, Aldine Town Center, and the existing Halls Bayou Trail. This item allocated $1.8 million to our trail project which includes over 1.5 miles of 12-ft trail, landscaping, and pedestrian-scale solar lights.