Citizens protest Ojos bar’s plan to locate in East Aldine

Cite record of crime, drugs at other locations

EAST ALDINE – A sports bar that has applied for a permit to locate in this community has drawn organized resistance, including a public protest in front of the building last Friday night. Other locations of the Ojos Locos chanin are said to be spots for crime, and is causing a major stir in this East Aldine community.

The Ojos Locos Sports Cantina, known for their drink specials and minimally- dressed waitresses, is in the process of opening — but on Friday night, protesters who showed up claimed they were doing everything possible to stop the permits.

The groups with signs were chanting, “Ojos Locos has got to go. Hey hey, ho ho, Ojos Locos has got to go.”

Between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., dozens of protesters showed up determined to send a message outside of the soon-to-open restaurant on the Eastex Fwy and E. Mount Houston Rd.

“They’ve brought shootings, drug activity, gang activity, human trafficking to other communities. Here in Houston as well there was a homicide just last year,” said Ruben Salazar, President of the East Aldine Civic Association.

Other community leaders in the protest group included Marina Sugg, VP of the Green Forest CC, and Carlos Silva, chairman of the East Aldine District.

The sports cantina with several other locations throughout the city and state, is well known for its minimally dressed waitresses.

“Well if it you could just look at those pictures. That says it all, the building says ‘Bienvenidos Muchachos,’ that means welcome men,” said protester Esmeralda Cervantes.

The protesters say that the stores that are already there such as a gym, drug store, clothing store, restaurant, and more could also begin to lose business because of the addition of a place like Ojos Locos.

“Inside an Ojos Locos, you had a shooting inside. We don’t want that in this community. This community does not want that and I’m here to support them. We’ve filed a protest with TABC to deny their permit and we’re waiting for TABC to give us a response,” said Armando Walle, TX State Rep. House District 140.

Ojos Loco’s headquarters did not respond to a request for comment.