Stovall Student Embarks on Game Development Journey: Creating and Coding his first Game

Stovall Middle School has a super-talented 6th grader named Victor Flores. He’s good at making video games! Victor loves his family a lot, and he loves learning new things. He uses an excellent app, Code, to write special instructions for the computer (coding), and with this, he’s made some awesome games that surprise everyone because he’s so young!

Victor started a coding project to make a special game for his family, inspired by his dear brothers. He loves sports and cares deeply for his family, so he decided to create not just one but three games based on different sports. It’s an exciting adventure for him!

Victor had never created a game before. His enthusiasm, however, was unbounded. He recounted the countless times he “messed up” during the development process, often finding himself backtracking to recode his program to fine-tune the game. Victor’s favorite part of this coding journey? Learning the ropes, overcoming challenges, and honing his skills in game development. With a grin, he expressed a burning desire to continue creating games in the future. Next on his wishlist? A captivating story-mode game, the kind that can whisk players into magical realms and adventurous tales.

But beyond his dreams of creating captivating games, Victor remains grounded in his love for family. As an older brother, he is especially attuned to the importance of familial bonds. Victor cherishes his family dearly and is keen on giving back to them through his newfound talent.

He’s gearing up to surprise his mom on her upcoming birthday with a custom-made game. Imagine the delight on her face as she dives into a digital adventure crafted with love by her son. If you want to support and play Victor’s games, visit It’s an easy way to enjoy the fun and show your support!