East Aldine District holds Partner Awards gala

By Gilbert Hoffman

EAST ALDINE – The East Aldine Management District held its second annual Holiday Reception and Partner Awards ceremony last Thursday evening, Dec. 14 in their headquarters building at Town Center.

It was a festive and colorful occasion, with beautiful and colorful table decorations, and a view outside of the immense 30’ high community lighted Christmas Tree.

Attending the reception were several hundred guests from partner organizations, and community representatives of educational and civic groups.

After welcoming remarks from District executive director Richard Cantu, board chair Carlos Silva made special opening remarks on behalf of the board of directors, and then introduced guests, board members, officials, and others present. Silva spoke about how the East Aldine District had helped create a sense of community to the area, and gave hope and direction to the residents.

Next on the program was a new video, showing recent projects of the District, community events held at the Town Center, and comments from citizens of the District about how the quality of life has changed and improved over the 22 years of existence of the management district.

Guests then were treated to an excellent dinner catered by Cantu’s Kitchen. The meal included a choice of Zucchini Pesto, Roscat Ribeye, Southwest Chicken, or Grilled Salmon.

Following dinner, executive director Richard Cantu made the announcements of Partner Awards in various categories, and with Leticia Rodriguez presented the awards.

The following Partners were thanked for their support through the year, and given Award recognition:

• Volunteer Award, to Sandra Luna;

• Community Partner Award, to Rosalva Rosie Hernandez, of BakerRipley;

• Public Safety Partner Award, to Harris County Deputy Ernesto Rivera, Explorer advisor;

• Governmental Service Partner Award, to State Senator Carol Alvarado;

• Public Health Partner Award to Susan Santos, Harris County Engineering;

• Business Partner Award, to Priscilla Rios of Suvida Healthcare;

• Education Partner Award, to Connie Esparza of Aldine ISD School Board;

• Board Choice Award for Public Service to Coco Martinez of Pilgrim Place II Senior Center;

• Chairman’s Award for Community Service to Ruben Salazar of East Aldine Civic Club.