East Aldine holds Papel Picado workshop

Traditional Mexican art form will be used on Proposed Town Center Sculpture

EAST ALDINE – The EA District held a workshop last Saturday, November 18 at their offices, to learn about the traditional Mexican decorative craft known at Papel Picado (English: Confetti).

About 25 participants under the direction of Houston artists Guadalupe Hernandez learned the history of the craft, and then took their turn at actually making the art forms on paper cut-outs. The resultant art piece resesembles a paper doily, embellished with the images of the creative artist. These can be geometric shapes, or lifelike images, or whatever the artist chooses.

The result is an embroidered lace-like surface. The participants also got a view of the new proposed Monument to be erected in the roundabout in front of the East Aldine offices. It is expected that the obelisk will be embellished with the same type of Papel Picado design.