Aldine students design METRO bus shelter art

ALDINE – Students, along with METRO officials and Aldine educators celebrated new winning art designs for METRO bus shelters at an announcement ceremony in December.

Student artists from Aldine ISD took center stage in December as part of a collaborative effort between METRO and the school district to bring color and creativity to bus stops.

The celebration at the Aldine ISD’s Bamberg Professional Development and Resource Center was held to announce the latest winners of METRO’s bus shelter art program. Winners included students from four high schools: Davis High School, Hall Success Academy, Victory Early College High School, and Nimitz High School.

METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert, along with Board Members Troi Taylor and Diann Lewter, personally congratulated the winners and educators. “I’m so inspired – these young artists aren’t just creating visuals; they’re breathing life into these public hubs,” said Lambert. “Each piece I saw in this room embodies the spirit of art that moves people.

Taylor added that the program is about more than painting a bus shelter; it’s an investment in the future.

“When we empower young people to be change makers, we ignite a ripple effect of creativity and community pride,” he said.

The program is the result of years of collaboration between METRO and the school district. The partnership was formed through Aldine’s Visual Arts Department and the Authority’s Arts in Transit initiative to provide Aldine students with opportunities to create and see their work and talent showcased in their communities.

Celebrating Art that Moves People:

“I’m so inspired – these young artists aren’t just creating visuals; they’re breathing life into these public hubs,” said METRO President & CEO Tom Lambert.

Dr. Adrian Bustillos, Aldine ISD’s chief transformation officer, said the initiative offers young artists a unique platform to showcase their talents and contribute to the beautification of their neighborhoods.

“This collaboration provides our students with invaluable experience working with professionals in real world fields,” Bustillos explained. “They gain firsthand understanding of how their classroom learning translates to tangible applications, fostering creativity and a connection to their community.”

The new winning designs promise to inject even more color and vibrancy into METRO bus stops throughout the Aldine area, exemplifying the power of collaboration and teamwork in community improvement.