Buckner FHC to relocate to new campus

East Aldine organization started as Aldine YOUTH Center by Sylvia Bolling in 1990

NORTHEAST – An important service organization located now in the East Aldine district, will move to a new home before the end of the year. Buckner Family Hope Center was originally founded in 1990 by Sylvia Bolling, and named Aldine YOUTH Center. In 2012 it was acquired by Buckner International of Dallas.

Nonprofit Buckner Children and Family Services has completed the purchase of a $5.2 million property in North Houston from RM Real Estate Investors, LLC. The 6.88-acre site will be used by Buckner as the site for a new campus, providing ample space for the relocation of the Buckner Family Hope Center® at Aldine and the future addition of other core Buckner programs.

This is a strategic decision that will allow Buckner to better serve the community through a larger Family Hope Center, while also hosting additional core programs to serve vulnerable children and families locally.

The 6.88-acre site will be used as a new campus named Buckner Children and Family Services of Houston to reflect the intent to operate multiple Buckner programs and services from the location. The decision is aimed at optimizing the nonprofit’s resources, streamlining operations, and enhancing the efficiency of services.

The property is located at 8600 Sweetwater Lane, Houston, TX 77037 and includes 37,000 square feet of classroom space, a gymnasium, and undeveloped land providing space for additional facilities and programs. It is situated within the Aldine Independent School District, near the border with the Houston Independent School District.

Relocation of the Buckner Family Hope Center® at Aldine to the new campus is planned for late summer or fall of 2024. The new location provides spacious, updated facilities for Family Hope Center programming, having outgrown the property where it has resided for nearly 30 years. Buckner will continue to evaluate the needs of the new campus and the future addition of other core programs.

“While our first priority will be moving the Family Hope Center at Aldine to the campus this year, we are already exploring the opportunities the campus offers us for future growth and expansion of programs in Houston,” said Henry Jackson, president of Buckner Children and Family Services.

Buckner operates additional programs in Houston including the Buckner Family Hope Center at Reed Road located on the Cornerstone Community Campus in South Houston. The purchase of the new campus in Aldine does not impact operations at Cornerstone.

The property is currently being leased by The Association for the Advancement of Mexican-Americans, which is operating a branch of the George I. Sanchez Charter School at the location. The school is in the process of relocating by the end of February 2024. Buckner Family Hope Center at Aldine staff will begin transitioning to the new campus once renovations are completed. A capital campaign will launch this year to implement the long-term vision of Buckner ministries in Houston. “We are actively seeking financial support to supplement the costs of the campus and the money needed to renovate and further develop the property,” said Jackson. “It will take the generous support of Houstonians to bring the vision to reality.”

Buckner Children and Family Services is a ministry of Buckner International. Visit Buckner.org/Houston for more information about programs offered by Buckner in Houston.

About Buckner Houston: Buckner Houston is a faith-based nonprofit ministry dedicated to transforming the lives of vulnerable children, families and senior adults in the greater Houston area. Buckner Houston is an extension of Buckner International, which was founded in 1879 in Texas and today serves people in the United States and internationally through a variety of programs designed to protect children, strengthen families, transform generations and serve seniors. These programs include foster care and adoption, family transition programs, community-based family preservation programs and retirement services for senior adults. Buckner also provides humanitarian aid and crisis relief to poverty-stricken children and families. Visit Buckner.org/Houston to learn more or get involved.

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  1. I’m sorry to see an organization such as this leave our East Aldine community. However, I can sincerely say that since Sylvia Bolling, the founder of the original organization known as Aldine Y.O.U.T.H. (now known as Buckner) left, it’s never been the same. Sylvia was a dear friend to many and strong advocate for people of all ages living in East Aldine. She has been sorely missed. Marina Flores Sugg, resident of East Aldine since 1975, and former President of the Aldine YOUTH board of directors.

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