A Day to Remember: Ancestor Day

Workshop at East Aldine teaches Self-Help Family History methods

EAST ALDINE – Alma DeAlejandro, the Community Engagement and Events Manager of the East Aldine District, presented a workshop program on methods of chronically family history, to an interested group of local residents.

There were about 30 people in attendance. The group spent two hours discussing the following: Journaling, Family Traditions, and Genealogy. A lot of people shared their stories in connection with these topics.

Those in the community also learned to tie quilts, and they will continue quilting sessions next month. High Meadows Library, BakerRipley and Pilgrim Place will each have a quilt. Pilgrim Place sessions are for residents only. Alma will have a schedule flyer out soon. The tie quilting activity creates a perfect opportunity for great conversations and getting to know the others in the group.

The following is a review of the presentation, hope that helps. Please let Alma know if you have any questions. Here is a summary of the main points that Alma made in her talk:


It’s hard to remember unless you write it down.

–The different ways to journal… using paper, online, audio and visual methods.

–Benefits of Journaling:

–Personal experiences of an English teacher

–Journal assignment that captures one of the most important family memories.

Start journaling, at first you are just venting or writing, but as you continue the process it becomes therapeutic.


Connecting to those you love through activities that turn into meaningful memories and traditions.

Creative ways to hold meaningful conversations.

They shared certain traditions that they kept and passed on.


The confidence it brings to you and your posterity when your family research reveals certain positive role models.

We discussed the top genealogy websites and the nearest free family search centers.

We discussed how much you can do with some of the genealogy websites, like buildingyour family tree, posting photos, jotting down memories, indexing etc.

We discussed how addictive the process is once you start.

Alma shared an old letter that was written from a son to his mother on his last day before his hanging.

We discussed that sometimes the things you discover are not all good.


I shared the many amazing ways in which we can remember our loved ones.

— By Alma DeAlejandro
Community Engagement & Events Manager East Aldine District

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