Murals adorn Buildings in the East Aldine District

East Aldine Arts Council continues their program of embellishing the District with Artworks

By Gilbert Hoffman Northeast News

Carlos Silva, the chairman of the East Aldine Management District board, has a vision of public art prliferating the district, to the benefit of the residents and to contribute to the reputation of the district to the public.

The Council has sponsored a number of ambitious projects, including a bust of John F. Kennedy by sculptor David Adickes that is installed at an intersection on JFK Boulevard, Murals on several buildings in Aldine, a mural in the lobby of the East Aldine building that depicts the history of the district, artwork painted on utility boxes in the district, and a plan for an obelisk landmark sculpture in the round-about in front of the East Aldine offices.

Regarding the most recent mural painted at the International Arts Festival on May 25, Silva said “this is the mural that was recently painted by Jocy Bedolla a Junior (soon to be Senior) at P-tech Avalos HS.

She painted this mural live during the Arts Festival and has officially completed the work.

We are proud to have her art on display at Town Center for an entire year!!”

The Mural painter Jocy Bedolla said “Hello, I have officially completed the Baker Ripley East Aldine Mural yesterday May 31, 2024.

Thank you tremendously for the opportunity to not only share my art, but to also give me a chance to contribute something meaningful to our community. I am thrilled to have been able to create a mural that represents the beauty and diversity of Aldine through different genres of music.

I hope this mural inspires and brings vibrancy to Baker Ripley East Aldine!”

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